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Greyt Exploitations was founded in 2008 and campaigns for stronger protection laws and for the gambling on dogs to be outlawed in Britain. We do this by raising the public’s awareness of the cruel and inhumane treatment of greyhounds in the UK and much of our research and investigation work has been published in the national press.
Facebook: StopOwlertongreyhoundracing
Owlerton Greyhound Racing (SOGR) are a Sheffield based anti Greyhound racing group protesting and campaigning for a phased ban on Greyhound racing.
Facebook: GreyhoundAwarenessCork
Greyhound Awareness Cork was set up to help improve the plight of Irish Greyhounds through highlighting issues & information. Many of them are used, abused, neglected and raced to death. We also arrange & attend protests. Up to 83% of the greyhounds racing in the UK are born in Ireland
Facebook: antiracingkent
ARK was founded in 2017 as an antiracing group based in Kent focussed on raising awareness about the plight of racing greyhounds and campaigning for an end to greyhound racing in Kent, the UK and worldwide. We have organised regular antiracing protests outside the main tracks in Kent as well as holding awareness raising stalls at greyhound charity events, and support the work of other UK groups aiming to end the cruelty of greyhound racing in the UK.
Facebook: GMNOV group

Greyhounds, Many Nations, One Voice was founded in 2016 by a greyhound adopter who volunteers in greyhound rescue and campaigns against greyhound racing in the UK and Ireland.

It is an international social media group with members from over 60 countries, that highlights the cruelty in greyhound racing, promotes greyhounds as pets, supports rescues and campaigns to ban greyhound racing worldwide.

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