End greyhound racing

Our mission is to achieve a phased ban of greyhound racing in Great Britain, in order to end the unnecessary deaths and suffering of greyhounds due to racing.


Great Britain is supposed to be a nation of dog lovers, and yet every year thousands of greyhounds risk serious injury and premature death in order to create profits for the gambling industry, and more greyhounds are routinely bred by the industry than can ever be rehomed.

The greyhound racing industry itself is self regulated and not subject to controls by independent welfare bodies, so while in theory it should pay due regard to the Animal Welfare Act of 2006, in reality it is difficult for suspected cruelty cases to be prosecuted by non-industry outsiders. The minimal penalties handed out by the industry to trainers found guilty of abuses such as doping, racing dogs with injuries or keeping them in unsanitary or poor conditions mean that in practice, while in the industry, racing greyhounds are outside of the protection of the Animal Welfare Act which covers all pet dogs.

Over the years, despite many media exposés of instances of the cruelty inherent in racing, these gentle dogs have continued to be exploited for entertainment and profit in a way that is unworthy of a nation of animal lovers such as ours. We believe it is high time to bring an end to this cycle of suffering once and for all, and allow greyhounds to live out their lives as pets like any other breed of dog.

Who we are

We are an alliance of campaign groups in the UK and Ireland opposed to greyhound racing and calling for a ban in Great Britain. We believe that the exploitation of greyhounds for gambling profits has no place in the 21st century in a nation of supposed dog lovers.

Our petition

Our petition calling for a phased ban on greyhound racing in the UK is now closed, having overtaken on the 30th April 2021 the goal of 100,000 signatures in the time limit of just 6 months. This shows the strength of public opinion opposed to greyhound racing in the UK today. 
The petition has now been accepted for debate in Parliament, for which we are currently awaiting a date and for which we are preparing. 
We will be posting updates on our social media pages. Thanks to everyone who signed and shared the petition: together we can end the cruelty of greyhound racing.


Parliament will debate this petition on 28 March 2022.