Why is greyhound racing cruel?

  • Racing puts dogs at risk of doping, unnecessary injury and death.  
  • Greyhounds are raced in extreme weather: heatwaves up to 33℃ and harsh winters alike, when pet dog owners are advised to take extra precautions.
  • Thousands of greyhounds are redundant every year. 
  • Thousands of puppies are bred to supply a racing pool estimated to be 16,300 dogs serving 19 greyhound tracks in the UK, which includes Shawfield, Glasgow, where the greyhounds are protected by AHWA (Scotland) Act 2006. 
  • Not all puppies make the racing grade.  There are no statistics or explanations about the fate of failed ‘saplings’. 
  • Greyhounds can be destroyed because an injury is too expensive to treat or because a home cannot be found. 
  • Greyhounds are companion dogs and should not be exploited for multi million pound gambling profits.

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