What are the key financial facts?


  • Bookmakers Gross Gambling Yield: £239.47m for the year ending March 2020.
  • BGRF 2019 Income: £8.87 m (0.6% of greyhound turnover). In 2019 51% was allocated to welfare.  Sample spend: £1.3m to Greyhound Trust; £94.9k stadia grants in support of welfare: kennel works; tractors; starting traps.
  • HMRC income from greyhound racing: £55m
  • GBGB approved dog rescue centres receive £400 jointly from the GBGB and owners per greyhound to assist with homing.

Gross Gambling Yield: the amount operators retain after winnings paid out and before operating costs deducted.

 Source: Hansard HC Deb (25 June 2019) Col 262 WH: 

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