How many dogs die? How many get injured? How many get homes?

  • Greyhound racing started in 1926 in the UK. By 2017 the GBGB started to publish ‘retirement’, death & injury statistics.
  • This data is partial, rendering a satisfactory analysis difficult. More comprehensive, transparent data is required. For example, it omits the full number of dogs involved.
DOG RUNS419,385426,139410,607
Hock & Wrist Injuries1,5501,6181,557
Foot injuries8338881,088
Hind & Fore Long Bone148148123
Fore & Hind Limb Muscle1,6501,6251,608
TOTAL INJURIES4,8374,9634,970
% Injuries of Dog Runs1.15%1.16%1.21%
Source: GBGB Annual Injury / Retirement Data
On Track Fatalities257242207
Deaths Due to Injury Treatment Costs370175123
PTS on Vet Advice (off track)142
No Home Found2350
Designated Unsuitable for Homing30719083
No Viable Option Away from Racecourse144
Sudden Death567291
Medical & Other30See Natural CausesSee Natural Causes
Terminal Illness36See Natural CausesSee Natural Causes
Natural Causes2110464
TOTAL DEATHS1,100932710
Source: GBGB Annual Injury / Retirement Data
Retained by Owner/Trainer1,037878783
Homed by Charity/Greyhound Trust5,1844,5884,716
Homed by Owner/Trainer (& breeding in 2017)1,440936679
Breeding/Independent Racing365280
Other (incl. Private Homing Non Charity)62
TOTAL ANNUAL “Retirements”7,6616,7736,460
Source: GBGB Annual Injury / Retirement Data

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