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Daisy’s Story

Aged just 2 years old, this girl was dumped on an independent rescue as she was no longer of use to the trainer who raced her at Shawfield track.  She suffered from severe anxiety and behavioural problems and her small body was covered in multiple confirmed cigarette burns and scars.  Shortly after rescue she was diagnosed with severe cervical spondylosis, chronic back pain and myoclonic epilepsy.  Her injuries were thought to be due to trauma received during her short ‘career’.  She required daily painkillers, anti-epilepsy drugs and medication to control her anxiety and received regular physiotherapy and behavioural therapy.

The cervical spondylosis worsened over time and this had an impact on the nerve supply to her forelegs.  Her pain levels and coordination problems were increasing and in April 2020 this resulted in an emergency admission to the vets. It was discovered shortly afterwards that she had developed osteosarcoma in her humerus. Due to her neck injury, amputation was not a viable option, so she was sent home to make the most of her final months. Her condition worsened rapidly, and it was also discovered that she had a tumour in her lumbar spine. She passed away peacefully with her family in July 2020, just days after her 7th birthday.

We are thankful she found her forever home where she was valued and loved and not seen as a commodity. She was a very much loved little girl by everyone who knew her.

She is one of the many reasons our group will continue to campaign to end Greyhound racing.

Ms E.R, Scotland

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Thank you, Ms E.R, for ensuring that the greater part of Daisy’s short life was lived with care and comfort and unfailing love.

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